Get to Know Me: Who's Behind the Diary?

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Hi everyone, as my first blog post I thought we could get to know each other. So …


Rachel, “spelt with el, not eal” -a day-to-day catch phrase for me. For years I was so confused when someone would ask me how to spell my name, being totally oblivious that it could be spelt any other way, I clearly live in my own little world haha.


20, my birthday is 19/04/99 so my Zodiac sign is an Aries.


I was born in England and have lived here my whole live, in the same home.


I really enjoy being active. My family loves hiking, and I used to run quite a lot, not so much any more … but I’m working on it haha. When I’m not in University, I like to spend my time relaxing with my friends, family and boyfriend – spending time with them is most important to me.

Favourite Animal:

I know there is so many dog lovers out there … however, I am a self-confessed crazy cat lady. My first pet was a cat, called Charlie, we got for my 2nd birthday and we had him until I was 19. As well as Charlie, we had Sooty (a fully black, old cat who we only had for a couple of years) and I currently have a cat called Lola, who’s name originated from my favourite kid’s TV show, Charlie & Lola !!

As well as cats, we have a bearded dragon (lizard) called Fifi. My little brother wanted a snake, a few years ago, however everyone else in the house was not keen on the idea so we opted for 2 lizards – Fifi and Nala.

Favourite Food

I LOVE FOOD!! I am such a foodie; I will eat almost anything … other than the fact that I am a vegetarian. If I had to choose my all-time favourite food, it would be Thai/Japanese food or pasta.

I made this blog as I have always loved to read other blogs and felt like I would enjoy creating my own content, so let’s see what happens. ENJOY!

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