Quarantine – What to do?

Its been a few weeks now, in the UK, since everyone has been completely self-isolating. Most of us having found ourselves asking “what can I do today?” and feeling super bored. So, during this time, I have come up with a few ways off keeping myself occupied. I have been reminding myself that these regulations are in place to benefit us all and I have tried to make the most of it.

My days include -

· Making my bed. Don’t worry, I know that this isn’t ground-breaking however I find that if I leave my bed a mess then I don’t feel ready to start the day!

· Similarly, I find that keeping my space tidy helps me to keep my mind decluttered too. I don’t know about everyone else, but if I leave my clothes spread across my bedroom floor, I feel like I can’t get on with anything until they are put away. Don’t be mistaken, my room is definitely not spot-less but at least I try my best haha.

· I write a “to-do list” every morning. Without putting all my thoughts onto paper, I am SO unproductive. The “to-do” lists are so in depth, if I don’t write ‘make lunch’ then I may not eat all day … I have to remind myself to do things that are really simple tasks.

· STICK TO A ROUTINE! I love this piece of advice!!! My day always begins with a coffee and I drink it whilst sat in the garden, to get some fresh air. Finding something small (that you enjoy doing) every morning will hopefully make you feel ready to get on with that “to-do” list that you will have written.

· Similarly, stick to a routine which represents your usual life. If you’re working from home or have Uni work, complete your work in the time which you’d usually be at work or in Uni. The same applies for the weekends, if you usually like to go out at the weekend, pour yourself a drink and play drinking games with your friends on the phone, or the people you’re living with.

· Alongside sticking to a routine, is sticking to a good sleeping pattern. This one is hard for most of us. Having ‘nothing’ to get up for, sometimes makes me feel like there not much point in an early night, especially when there’s a new Netflix series to watch. However, getting a good sleep and waking up feel refreshed always makes my day so much more productive. I think I can safely say that waking up ‘sluggish’ means that I usually don’t get out of my pjs, and if I do it is towards the end of the day anyway …

· Get some fresh air and exercise. During the start of lock down, I ended up feeling like a child again after my mum came into my bedroom, to remind me that I should probably leave the house for some fresh air at some point. After a few lazy days I did not feel like it one bit, but I got up and went for a walk and instantly felt better. Recently I have really looked forward to going for a run, bike ride or walk and enjoyed the sun. Don’t get me wrong, some days I couldn’t think of anything worse but if you get the urge … just go for it and see what happens!

· Teach yourself a new skill. Starting from scratch with a skill can be really time consuming, which is ideal when we have so much time to improve ourselves. Order a tiny keyboard off amazon and try YouTube tutorials, or get the guitar out of the loft that’s been sat there for years. Hopefully, you can find a new hobby along the way.

· Online quizzes. Keep your brain ticking over by setting up quizzes with your friends or family. It is super easy to do them yourselves or you can easily find live quizzes online. On a Thursday at 8pm there is a quiz on the channel “Virtual Pub Quiz” on YouTube. Get into teams with people that your isolating with or you can be against people in other homes, over FaceTime. Every Thursday, during quarantine, my family have done the quiz against my boyfriend’s family and it gets to competitive!

· Facetiming people is also an ideal way to say connected to others. Plan a time to call someone during the week so you know that you are occupied for a couple of hours. Whilst passing a lot of time, this can help you to feel connected to your loved ones and not alone. The girls & I plan a time to FaceTime, the day before, so that we know that all of us will be ready for a catch up.

· Declutter your house/room. I am guilty of not starting this one yet, but it will be on my “to-do” list soon. So many of us always say that we want to clear out our belongings and make the most of our space but we ‘never have time’. Now, time is all that we’ve got, so try to get on with the things that you’ve not got around to … like decluttering your wardrobe.

There are lots of pieces of advice available to help get you through quarantine, these are the ones that I have found most beneficial for myself. Although I try to be productive with my days, that doesn’t always go to plan. Some days I barely move from my bed and that’s okay too. These tips are just for people who are feeling like they’re losing the plot a little! Find whatever works for you and keeping doing that, regardless of what others are doing.

I hope that everyone is staying safe and well during these uncertain times. Wishing you all the best,

Rach xxx

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